The Lycan King's Mate
By: Bridget Marie
Narrated By: Melody Ross
14hrs 47mins 82 episodes Completed
Ava is heartbroken when her boyfriend of four years, Alpha Caleb, mates to her twin sister Lily on their eighteenth birthday, especially since they had made fun of her for years for being a ditzy barbie. When Lycan royals come to visit to join their pack's losing fight against another, Ava is surprised to find herself mated to the handsome Lycan king Cameron. She can't believe that someone so powerful and good looking could be mated to her, and she worries about another rejection, along with lingering feelings for Alpha Caleb. As King Cameron and Ava try to get to know each other, secrets and plots come out that will try to keep them apart, or worse, get them killed. They soon discover, not everyone can be trusted, but can they trust each other? ***** Series of book 2: The Alpha's Favorite Rogue (Completed) Other books: I'm Your Beta, Not Your Luna (Completed) The Millionaire's Marriage Contract (Completed) Choosing between an Alpha and a Rogue (Ongoing)