The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn
By: LaurG
Narrated By: Ariel B. Levine
22hrs 01mins 80 episodes Completed
"Find out what?" he asks. "That I'm getting married to a woman I don't want to marry?" I fight the ache in my heart at his question. I knew he didn't want to marry me. He wasn't the one in love. I was. And he didn't know how much I loved him. I've hidden it well. "She's right there." His mother snaps. "Have some respect for your future wife and the future daughter-in-law of this family." Atticus takes a step toward his mother; his eyes flash with anger as he says, "the only woman I will marry is Anya. No one else." . . . . . . . . . . . Atticus Fawn is petrified when he finds out he has to marry the best friend of his mate. He tries to escape the wedding but eventually realizes that it is useless to do so. He knows that he can never love another woman like he loves Anya. And definitely not Autumn Rivera. He's, however, unprepared for her gentleness and her caring nature. Before he knows it, she's forcing her way into his life, and if he's not careful—his heart.