Hiding His Alpha Twins
By: Rosie Meachem
Narrated By: Evie Baker&Albie Wood
06hrs 53mins 58 episodes Completed
Catarina's world had been turned upside down. She had been so excited to find out that she was expecting her alpha mate's baby, but everything changed in an instant. When she walked in on her mate cheating on her, it all made sense. The betrayal was too much to bear, and she knew that she had to leave. Starting a new life was scary, but Catarina was determined to raise her baby alone. She left the whole werewolf realm behind, becoming a member of the human world. But something was missing. Her own wolf had disappeared after the traumatic betrayal of their fated mate. As she settled into her new life, Catarina met someone new. He offered her the world, and she found herself falling for him. But she couldn't help but wonder what would happen if she came face to face with those from her past. Would she be able to hide her Alpha twins from the ex mate who betrayed her? Catarina's life was full of uncertainty, but she was determined to make the most of it. She had been through so much, but she knew that she was strong enough to face whatever came her way. The future was uncertain, but she was ready to take it on.