The Billionaire's Twins Play Matchmaker
By: E.T. Watson
Narrated By: Daniel Kuddy & Celia Stone & Lucy Tops & Jim Swanson
11hrs 24mins 60 episodes Completed
Eight years ago Julius DaLair, New York's most eligible bachelor, married childhood friend Macey Grayson. Six years ago he made the biggest mistake of his life and she disappeared. For six years he has been desperate to find her. Unbeknownst to him she has been living in Paris raising their twins and under the protection of none other than his father the infamous Augustus DaLair who not only helped her leave New York without a trace but has been supporting her while she returned to her studies. It is more than just twins Macey has been keeping secret. Julius is about to learn there is more to the woman he married and their children than meets the eye......