The Billionaire CEO's Runaway Wife
By: E.T. Watson
Narrated By: Daniel Kuddy & Celia Stone & Lucy Tops & Jim Swanson
15hrs 03mins 52 episodes Completed
Book Three of the Lost Loves series. For three years Sarah has languished under her husband's neglect and his family's abuse. Their marriage had been arranged by his grandmother the infamous Alice Stanton a titan in the business world. Despite being a woman she stood amongst the likes of Augustus DaLair and Richard Prescott earning both fear and respect among her peers. Alice Stanton has an eye for people and she personally chose Sarah as the perfect partner for her grandson, Lucas Stanton, her chosen heir. Sarah thought she was strong enough to endure her in-law's abuse and society's ridicule but one night Lucas's long suspected infidelity is revealed and Sarah is left in tears of regret. Taking her fate into her own hands she leaves him after securing a divorce and her freedom. After three years Lucas still struggles wondering why his marriage fell apart and where his wife disappeared to. He wonders if he will ever know the truth until the day she reappears as suddenly as when she left but he is not prepared for their reunion. The plain, docile woman he remembers is gone replaced by a beautiful and daring woman, capable of charming even the likes of Silas Prescott. For unbeknownst to Lucas Sarah has a secret, she is in fact the celebrated author Rosemary Thomas who's books top the bestseller list every year. And Sarah has another secret...when she left him she did not leave alone... Lucas thought he was prepared to face his ex-wife but how will he introduce himself to the daughter he never knew?