Children of the Don
By: Emmarentia Snyman
Narrated By: Lucy
35hrs 25mins 147 episodes Completed
Harper walks into the room. Her uncle is standing in front of the room, and most of the crowd is male and older than Harper. But, she does not care as she knows she is the strongest person in that room. "A female leader? Are you crazy? How can a female leader run the mighty Casella family?" One of the men shouts. He is an older Italian who does not understand that a woman can be more ruthless than any man. "You want to challenge me, Don Agosti?" Harper asks. Her eyes are cold as spring water in the mountains after the first snow melts. "No, Donna. I was just shocked," Agosti answers. He knows he does not stand a chance against the Casellas. "Good, I do not want to kill you today. I will appreciate your loyalty to my family and me," Harper says. She turns around to her uncle, Jayden Casella and nods. She is ready to take over from him. The bracelet on her arm catches the eyes of the men surrounding her. It is Katerina the Great's bracelet, and they know the Russian Mafia, primarily the Petrov family, are also behind Harper. No one is brave enough to challenge Harper. They have seen her strength today. Not even Don Agosti is willing to take on Harper. They can not blame him. "Anyone else has any objections?" Jayden asks.