Her's abandoned(Casella-family series #1)
By: Emmarentia Snyman
Narrated By: Yolanda
21hrs 52mins 98 episodes Completed
The three-year-old girl hides in her room, wishing her mother and stepfather will forget about her tonight. She is hungry, but too afraid to get some water leave alone food. Her little body is hurting, and she is sleeping underneath her bed. She knows she will only eat when they are gone, and the servants feel sorry for her and bring her some food. Her mother and stepfather are famous, and no one will believe that they are doing this to their daughter. Her brother and sister are always with their mother as she loves them to bits. Only her, the little one who is not her father's child, suffers when they get home drunk. At nine, she ran away from home as her grandparents also saw her as a bastard and never loved her. That was twelve years back. Jennifer, the famous rock star, sits in her dressing room. She was an orphan until sixteen. She was very clever in school, and the orphanage, where she stayed since age nine, recognized her ability to learn quickly. She graduated at the young age of sixteen and left the orphanage. She started singing in bars, and soon an agent spotted her. She only used her voice as she wanted to become a doctor. "Are you ready, Jen? The crowd is going crazy out there," Her manager says. "I am ready," She says. She is shy and doesn't mingle with real life, but she is another person on stage, and her fans love her. She learned a long time ago not to trust people. People hurt you, so she stays in the shadows, and she becomes the shadow child as she lives on stage at night and hides during the day until she meets John, the young billion and politician. Jen falls in love only to find out he is using her to further her career. Heartbroken, the shadow child decides never to trust anyone again. Can she find the right person that will love her, or will she live with the scars on her body forever? The scares she refuses to remove with surgery. It reminds her of how cruel people are.