The Alpha & Beta's Regret
By: jennifer francis
Narrated By: Catarina Sveta
26hrs 35mins 117 episodes Ongoing
Luci was their concubine, she disappeared into the lake that backs onto the eastern edge of their pack, went in and never came out after they came home Marked and Mated. Alpha Rafe never felt her sever from him or the pack, his Beta Jack never believed she died. 6 and a half years after this day, Alpha Rafe and his Beta Jack, are being hollowed out and losing their strength to run their pack. their Mates Melissa and Maria deny them their true nature, to share their Mates between them. Go home to their family pack to many times a year and don't seem to care if it hurts them. blame both the Alpha and Beta for no heir to the pack being provided. War comes to the Black Forest Pack, and Alpha Rafe and his Beta Jack know they are going to lose, the Man bringing war upon has specially trained men and are killing their warriors. They do not know why war has come to them but find out the man attacking them is an Alpha they know but are not aligned to, Alpha Vitor of the Bloodless Moon Pack. Why did he attack them? what does he want? A creature emerges from the lake and saves them, can connect to Rafe, calls him Alpha and his wolf bows down to it. then it is gone as quickly as it comes. Beta Jack is certain that the creature is Luci, but Rafe does not believe, Luci was a wolf, they knew this, have known her since she was 18. Alpha Victor has now seen the creature in the lake, the power it wields, wants it for himself. He must have it, will do whatever it takes to get it for himself. Knows what it is, a Siren half breed and a fully realized Alpha Blooded one at that. He will get it or find a way to lure it to him, to make it do his bidding at any cost. Luci herself is seen a week later caught on camera in her wolf form Kali, fighting two rogues, then herself in human form before she runs away and disappears into the lake. No prints to be found coming out of the lake. Can Alpha Rafe and his Beta Jack, find out why their own Mates deny them their true nature and weaken them without concern for it? Can they find Luci? Can they find out what she truly is? Can they bring her in? Their biggest Regret is the disappearance of Luci. They must bring her back to the pack at all costs, reunite her with her mother and family, apologize for the way things turned out between them. will she trust them again?