Bad Bridesmaid ( Book 11 of Billionaire's Club)
Narrated By: Avery Caris
05hrs 44mins 30 episodes Completed
It began with a cock. Of the rooster variety. It ended with a groomsman toppling into the wedding cake. Heidi hadn’t meant to be a bad bridesmaid. She loved her best friend and the man Kate was marrying. Who she didn’t love? The groom’s brother. The cocky - no pun intended - jerk had made Heidi aware of exactly what he thought of her. That being, she wasn’t worth anything more than a quick romp and a disappearing act before the sun rose. Fine. Whatever. She’d done her own version of the disappearing act on more than one occasion. It didn’t matter that she had thought they had shared something...well, something more. Clearly, she’d been wrong, and now he was dead to her. Of course, that was before she had to walk down the aisle with him. Because that’s when all hell broke loose.