Chasing Melania - No Mr. Alpha I do not want a Mate
By: Mystical Majesty
Narrated By: Dawn
10hrs 25mins 56 episodes Ongoing
Melania was only five years old when a pair of hikers found her near death in the woods; having suffered bruises, gashes, and claw marks from an animal; like a blank slate with an eraser, Melania does not have any memories before the age of five, neither can she recollect what her biological parents looked like. Melania is blessed and loved by the Moon Goddess Selene; Selene inspired hikers in the woods to save Melania. Melania is a prankster, light-hearted, and full of life not a care in the world, until Melania and her family go on vacation, and she meets Brock Monroe who is an Alpha for a pack of werewolves; Brock has become the hope for were-kind, Brock has bonded together with numerous packs creating strength in hopes of bringing the cruel and torturous King down. Melania is one of many children adopted in the family. Melania’s world is on the verge of a precipice of change, bulldozing and shattering her view of the world into mythical beings such as werewolves and evil Kings, the voice she had heard in her head, she finds out is her wolf, Anastacia. Anastacia was just a pup when Melania was abandoned for dead in the woods. Brock realizes that Melania is his mate, he has never wanted a mate, Melania had never wanted a boyfriend. Melania avoids Brock at every turn, which only makes Brock want her more, forgetting he never wanted a mate he pursues Melania. Will Melania find out that she can never hide from Alpha Monroe, the Alpha owns the whole town including the University Melania had earned a scholarship to. Will Brock and Melania ever accept each other as mates? Will Anastacia be able to help Melania get her memories back? Will Melania’s forgotten past come back to haunt her? What are the secrets of the past that endanger Melania today?