A Girl Nobody Wanted
By: SansaR
Narrated By: Tara M
27hrs 30mins 131 episodes Completed
Sarah Anderson is a beautiful, straight – A student, but she leads a miserable life as she has no one to love her. She is used to get bullied and heartbroken from everyone, including her parents and her twin brother. She has just two things which keep her going every day, her passion for the education and her undying obsession for Jake, who is a perfect combination of talents, looks and wealth. However, to her dismay, Jake shows contrasting attitudes towards her, one time he tries to show his care but only to ignore her completely the next moment. One day she receives a text from an anonymous person, which becomes the turning point of her life. This person starts to take care of her from distant, do everything to keep her happy and he even confess his love for her, as a result she eventually falls in love with him. But this leads her to a mental struggle as she is unable to let her feelings for Jake goes away. What will happen to her, when she finds out the true identity of her anonymous messenger? Would it helps her to overcome her struggle or make her life even miserable?