His Silent Temptation
By: Lia Liu
Narrated By: Nate Hanley
27hrs 26mins 113 episodes Completed
Selene Yves was the most beloved wolf of her pack... until she became the traitor's daughter. After her father was executed for betraying the werewolves, Selene was held captive and rendered mute. Seizing her only opportunity to escape, her paths crossed with Alpha Killian Thornov. Cruel and cunning, Killian lead the most fearsome pack in the city. Even with women and men alike falling to his feet, Killian yields to no one—except her. On his way to sabotage a forced wedding, Killian meets Selene who had fled from her captor. The second he laid eyes on her, he wanted her. Chaos commences, drama ensues, and soon, she’s in the arms of the deadliest Alpha, but at what cost? — Excerpt — “Hold it in.” He was always near, always telling me what to do, his words sending shivers down my spine. Even now, as I was this close to breaking, he had me in his control. He always did. He never slowed down, his freed fingers sliding to my wrists until he felt the pulse. My thighs trembled at his dark and dangerous stare. “I’m jealous,” he finally admitted, despite already seizing me upon his desk. “Jealous of your heart pumping inside of you and I’m not.”