The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate
By: Cat Smith
Narrated By: NikkiDelgado
26hrs 37mins 122 episodes Completed
Amber is an undesirable and an outcast, both to her family and her pack. Her fraternal twin Sophie is the perfect daughter, obedient, meek, and gentle, at least to her parents. She's a complete nightmare to Amber. Amber on the other hand is brash, outspoken, fierce and sassy. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind. What makes her undesirable? Amber, unlike her twin, never received her wolf, which was enough for her parents to become even more embarrassed by her. Being the daughter of a wealthy and superior family, her father Beta to the Alpha, is hard enough. When she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her with her own sister, well it becomes even more downtrodden and miserable. Forced to watch her sister marry the boy she once loved, Amber is thrown into her own convenient marriage to a man, an Alpha no less, who desires a child above all else, wanting his father to have grandchildren before he dies on his deathbed. Will Amber find the happy ever after that she truly deserves? Will the Alpha she marries accept her for who she is? Will he be able to protect her from a threat she never thought existed, close to home? Will Rowan, the Alpha, finally be able to love again and let go of his first impression of her? Is there such a thing as true love after all? Read and discover what happens between Rowan and Amber as she goes on a journey of self discovery and finds out that love, really does, give you wings.