Twisting her Fate
By: ABloomintheDarkness
Narrated By: Megan S
30hrs 30mins 164 episodes Completed
Leilani is an orphaned, abandoned baby within the half moon pack, she is treated like a servant, bullied and has grown to have no confidence in herself, her small dreams are crushed one day when she hears the future alpha talking to the alpha of the pack. Gabriel, the future alpha found that his mate is to be the pathetic and weak Leilani, he can't handle smelling her scent until he can reject her when she gets her wolf in four whole years. Gabriel talks his father into sending Leilani away to elite training where most of the participants die, he doesn't even care about her life and death. He actually wants her death. But what Leilani finds at elite training isn't the near death sentence she was expecting it is a chance for something more, to become better, stronger. To have the family she craved. Skip forward seven years and she meets the handsome Connor. What twisted fate awaits her when she meets Gabriel once again? Weak become strong. Not the usual rejection story where the boy changes and grows, A rejection story where the rejecter becomes the rejected and a whole lot of payback in the process. Finding love away from the fated.