Rejecting, Your Broken Promises(Sequel to Rejected, but not Broken)
By: KatVonBeck
Narrated By: Nikki Delgado & David Sterling
35hrs 41mins 136 episodes Completed
Book1: Rejected, but not Broken Book2: Rejecting, Your Broken Promises Percy and Dawson Wright are the twin sons of Gabrielle and Tanner Wright, of the Blood Rose pack. They are now 20 years old and completed their Alpha Training. They are both actively looking for their mates, to take over their prospective packs. Percy is currently dating a pack member as he is at Ever Green learning additional duties to take over the pack, and she is trying to pressure him into taking her as his chosen Luna, but after all his mother went through he has doubts that she truly loves him. Katrina Andrews has been treated lower than an Omega since her Aunt and their Luna was killed by 4 men on the Blood Claw lands. Katrina was blamed by the Alpha and his son for killing the Luna, and the Alpha now just gets joy from punishing Katrina. After the last brush with Alpha James, she realizes that her only friend in the pack is right, he will end up killing her soon. Katrina decides to leave her pack the night that she ends up being rejected, she is weak and broken-hearted, but she knows that she will die if she doesn't leave immediately. Will her mate be able to find her again after scenting her at the party? Secrets that have been long hidden in the dark for years will come out, and Katrina will need to be protected from the very man that she had been running from for the last 7 years. Will her second chance mate be able to protect her in time? Or will she be taken by a violent Alpha who has wanted her for his own since he saw her as a young teenager?