The Don’s daughter comes back(Casella-family series #3)
By: Emmarentia Snyman
Narrated By: Athan L
29hrs 25mins 143 episodes Completed
This is the third book in the Casella-family series. Her's Abandoned and Hiding with her twin babies is the first two books in this series. Jayda Casella ran away from her first love, Jason. She could not stand him getting married to the famous actress Victoria Ward. For nine years, she studied in England and Germany, but the time for her to return to LA has come. She misses her family, although they come to visit her when they can. As she returns to LA, Jason Morgan is not married to Victoria Ward yet. After nine years, Jason never married Victoria, and now Jayda is back. Jason is mad at her for leaving, but will he still see her as the little girl that had a crush on him? Or will he accept her as the beautiful woman she has become?