Rejected Revenge
By: Jam Nicxx
Narrated By: NikkiDelgado
13hrs 32mins 62 episodes Ongoing
“I, Max Hayden, future Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack, reject you Hope Trinity Holden as my mate and Luna...” When Hope got rejected by her mate Max Hayden, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack who instantly rejected her the first time they learned that they are mates, she thought it was the end of the world for her. But that's what's she thought. After being kidnapped and beaten by Max's envious girlfriend Cheryl Smith, that's when she thought that it was really the end of the world for her, but again, that's what she thought. Thrown into the lake, bloodied and halfway through seeing death with everybody in the pack thinking that she's dead, a wealthy and vengeful werewolf took her in and she miraculously survive. Years passed and a lot has changed. She's stronger, hotter, and more powerful. And it's time for her to go back and stake a claim of what truly belongs to her with only one thing in mind; Revenge. The plan was almost perfect; accept Max's rejection and make them experience hell and back... but that's until a certain golden-eyed Alpha unexpectedly appeared with a mission himself, and that's to take what's his, and that goes with a name of Hope Trinity Holden.