Claimed By the Billionaire
By: Kholo M
Narrated By: Matthew Keyes
08hrs 18mins 60 episodes Ongoing
“We are going to be married by the end of the week,” Ren said out of nowhere, shocking Okafu out of her mind. Didn’t she just think that they are not compatible a minute ago? “No,” she said jumping off the bed. Ren just watched her. Ren moved very fast. One moment they were staring at each other, the next thing Okafu was trying to catch her breath and not reach as Ren’s lips glided softly over hers. His hands were over her, caressing the skin on her back. He sent them lower to her butt, where he tightened his hold, digging his fingers in to her generous flesh through her jeans. Every part of her body tingled. Ren thrust against her, making her see stars.