Academy of Magical Creatures: Books 4-6
Narrated By: Christopher Rourke
66hrs 49mins 80 episodes Completed
Sophia is prophesied to save her tribe, but times have never been darker, and the Elders have never been more desperate. To prevent her people from going extinct, she'll have to use her power to summon her ancestors, train magical creatures, and make a sacrifice that'll change her world forever. Liam has battled for the right to be with Sophia, and their forbidden romance is about to launch the Elementai into a war. To fight back against injustice, he must become the leader he's always been destined to be, and bring the tribe into a new era. The fate of the Hawkei will be determined in the greatest battle of their time. In the end, Sophia and Liam will choose between saving their tribe...and saving their family. This set includes the final three books in the Academy of Magical Creatures series: The Air Omen, The Elemental War, and The Soul Sacrifice.