By: T.J. Story
Narrated By: Adam Stubbs, Rob Bosch
06hrs 13mins 42 episodes Completed
"Son, you need to find your mate soon. This pack needs a Luna." My father reminds me for the hundredth time. I just roll my eyes at my father who just sighs at me. "Dad, WHOEVER my mate is will come to me when the time is right. I will not question the Moon Goddess." I made sure to raise my voice on the whoever part because my father needs to understand something about me, but I cannot exactly say it out loud. My father just rolls his eyes at me while he gets up to leave my office. Once he reaches the door, he turns to me and speaks. "Find a Luna by the end of this year or I will set you up with someone's daughter." I went to say something, but he just slammed the door before I had the chance. My wolf in me wanted me to jump up and go to cuss my father out but before I could I get a mind-link. "Alpha, a rogue entered our pack. We took him to the cells." I sighed as I stood up to go down to the cells. As soon as I enter the cells, I stop in my tracks as I come to face the rogue. My wolf jumps in my head as he yells MATE. Follow along with this story to find out if these two mates will become the strongest werewolves of their kind. Alpha Axel and his mate Forrest. **COMPLETE**