Rejected, but not Broken
By: KatVonBeck
Narrated By: Nikki Delgado & David Sterling
21hrs 40mins 112 episodes Completed
Gabrielle Emerson has had a hard life. Her parents are Omegas, and she has been bullied her whole life. She has been picked on and assaulted a lot worse in the last 2 years. So much abuse that she was thought to be wolfless because she didn't get her wolf at 16. Gabi made plans to leave her pack with her parents, due to her ex-boyfriend threatening and stalking her after she broke up with him after catching him betraying her. During the worst week of her life, she finds out that the soon-to-be Alpha, Derek Stryker, is her mate, and he immediately rejects her as his mate, because he had brought his chosen mate to introduce her to the pack. Assaulted and almost raped by her psycho ex-boyfriend, Gabi is set to leave the pack with her parents when the unthinkable happens. Gabi ends up leaving the pack and finishing out her school year at a new school and in a new pack. Gabi's journey is difficult when her own family, is not who she thought they would be. What will happen when she is forced to go back to her old pack after a six-month absence to help with their training. Will she continue to be bullied and hurt? Or will she have moved on to become someone that they can no longer hurt? Book1: Rejected, but not Broken Book2: Rejecting, Your Broken Promises