The Selection: Bride of the Dark Dragon(Dark Dragon's Bride Series1-2)
By: Marion Artwood
Narrated By: Gaby and Mikee
41hrs 46mins 241 episodes Completed
Mira is a 19-year-old battlemage, who one day gets marked as a girl chosen for the Dark Selection – the event where dark lords of neighboring empire choose brides for themselves among human girls, as part of the tribute of the war they’ve won many years ago. Although it is considered to be a great honour, to become a wife of a dark one, the girls are considered their property with no voice even before the marriage. They cannot choose, only get chosen. And freedom-loving Mira just cannot agree with that. Too bad the eye-catching girl attracts the attention of too many lords, even including the most powerful and dark one…the last dragon. Her ex-fiance is also at the Selection and not leaving her alone. And what’s worse, the girls at the Dark Selection start to die one after another under mysterious circumstances. Would Mira be able to survive and escape? Or would she find something she never expected in the place she loathes so much?