Scattered Dreams (Book 4 of the Blue Moon Series)
By: Ambernique Leggett
Narrated By: Leslie S,Todd
20hrs 00mins 83 episodes Completed
“I’m sorry, you’re just so beautiful,” I replied. Jasmine blushed and tucked a lock of that beautiful hair behind her ear before she looked back at me and smiled. “Thank you. You’re beautiful too if you don’t mind me saying that. I know men prefer to be handsome, but you’re probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.” “If it means I get to enjoy your company, I’ll gladly be pretty, cute, adorable, sexy, whatever you want,” I replied. Jasmine tossed her head back and laughed, placing her hand atop mine. For the first time since seeing her across the bar, I was disappointed; there was no spark. She checked off every single box that I would expect from my mate, but without that spark, I knew she wasn’t the one. “Is everything alright? You lost that gorgeous smile of yours for a second.”