Bending My Straight Boss
By: Francesca Write
Narrated By: Tristan Guille & Shay & Kaden Catalina
14hrs 04mins 77 episodes Ongoing
Alex:" I imagine that you're either sitting on your big chair, or lean on your big desk, and suck your... " " I want to take you sooooo deep and keep you in sooooo long until I would gag uncontrollably and struggle to breathe, and you would scream my name as you would fuck my mouth painfully and finish down my throat, straight into my stomach ... " Calvin: I know that I'm difficult, and yes, cold, but then again, I have no reasons to be warm and sweet. We're here to work, not make chit-chat. I clearly know that I am straight cause I fuck women until my Personal Assistant said that I am hot and .. the dirty talk. I am straight but why am I keep thinking about him when I am showering,sleeping... My body and my thoughts are apart. Every time my conscience asks me not to.. do things while my damn body acts honestly.