My Best Friend Stole My Royal Boyfriend
By: LaurG
Narrated By: Lila Kerry
12hrs 55mins 80 episodes Completed
My best friend in the entire world is making out with my boyfriend at our favorite spot. Our spot! Under the shade of the trees, hidden in the forest, next to the lake that glows under the sunlight. It's been our spot since we made it official five years ago. She's touching his hair, the soft, pretty blonde that I've spent days playing with and admiring. How could this happen to me? How could the two closest people in the world to me betray me like this? . . . . . . . . When Amiera Hale finds out that her boyfriend and best friend were seeing each other behind her back, she was devastated. Her whole life came shattering before her eyes. As if trying to survive college while going through that wasn't enough, the most popular and intimidating guy in school has now set his eyes on her. He's the guy that all parents warn their kids about, and Amiera knows that having anything to do with him is dangerous and can land her in serious trouble with her royal parents. However, as she learns new things about her body through him, Amiera can't help but fall for him. . .but falling for a dark prince might prove to be the biggest mistake of her life.