Outcast: Daughter of The Moon Children of the Sun & Moon Series 1-2 Boxed Set
By: AmeFrostByte
Narrated By: Helena&James
42hrs 36mins 140 episodes Completed
Kazmiyah is a human born into a world of inhumans. She was raised by an Alpha family, the Crescents and was gifted in combat as well as extremely intelligent. One would think her to be the Jack of All Trades in school. Except she isn't; that reason being, that no one even knows that she exists. Kazmiyah always watched from afar, careful not to stand too close to the window as she didn't want to be spotted by any of the kid bystanders that left the school. Watching them leave brought a feeling that she could only describe as bittersweet, knowing that these kids were relieved to be away from their seven hour day of school. That is until one night the town was attacked and Kazmiyah was found by chance by Falcon, the young Lycan Alpha. At one time, imagined positively how great it would be to be apart of the Crescent family, Kazmiyah realized the dream was just silly fantasy quickly as things began to spiral out of control fast. Now because of that decision, secrets will be exposed and her life has changed forever...