The Twin Alphas’ Fated Mate
By: Obsidian
Narrated By: Evan Lee
14hrs 02mins 69 episodes Ongoing
The Twin Alphas’ Fated Mate (Book 1) Mercury has always tried to fit in. People see her as a strange girl because weird things happen around her. She is just a normal girl. Or so she thought. Mercury's world turns upside down when she is kidnapped by a human trafficking mob but escapes when they're unexpectedly knocked unconscious. She runs through the nearby forest and gets lost for days. She eventually comes across a town she's never seen. She's stopped by someone and is told she has to be taken to the Alphas. Alphas? Like wolves? And there are two of them? --------------------- Elliot and Arthur are twin werewolf shifters born to the alpha of the largest pack on the east coast, the Red River Pack. They took over for their father last year when they became of age. Neither of them cared about finding a mate. Twins share a mate but that didn't concern them. They didn't need one because they could run this pack together without anyone else. Until she came stumbling into their lives. But she's been hurt. And she not human, even if she doesn't know it yet....