The Luna's Justice
By: Lisa Lynn Baird
Narrated By: Yolanda
23hrs 15mins 48 episodes Completed
***Completed*** Lisa came from a long line of endless abuse. From family to relationships that folded over into her marriage. After Terry, her abusive husband held Lisa and the children hostage. Finally, Terry began his sick game for familicide to leave Lisa childless lying on the floor bleeding for death. Defeated by the justice system that failed her kids and herself, she begged for death. Terry laughed, blaming her for his choices. If Lisa had only been a good girl and done as she was told, none of this would have happened. But instead, Lisa lay on the ground with her kid's bodies next to hers, trying to touch them one last time. Terry bid his cowardly farewell before pulling the trigger. As Lisa faded off into the darkness that was slowly swallowing her whole, she saw a dark-shrouded figure come in and pick her up. She assumed the Angel of Death came to take her to be with her children. Little did she know this person would throw her into a world unknown to humans and help her exact the justice she deserved for her children while bringing down a corrupt justice system protected by a covenant of dark secrets. Lisa woke up with no memory of the events that took place due to her injuries. Lost and confused, her newfound true love, Alpha, and pack members would help her remember and heal. The new Crystal Lakes Luna would tear her justice into history that would never be forgotten.