Blood & Pain: My Mafia Stepbrother
By: vaishu
Narrated By: Chloe Johnson
36hrs 45mins 147 episodes Completed
Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened, we're red.” - Clive Barker. He is the man she ever yearns for... She knows he is off-limits. He is her stepbrother and almost ten years older than her. She is just a child in his eyes... So she controls her emotions and helps his broken soul as a caring sister... if only she knows that the man she thinks is broken and depressed is also the one who kills and tortures people for his pleasure... Will she feel the same after knowing his true identity or she will leave him and save herself from that monster that everyone says he is... ••••••• Secrets will reveal, hearts will be broken and people will die... Join the journey of Mia and Roman and find out about what will happen to two step-siblings in a dangerous mafia world...Did they still feel the same after knowing the secret, or will they end up hating and killing each other... ••••••••••••••••• I was lying in my bed waiting for him. It is one o'clock in the morning and I am still awake thinking how my life turned upside down because of him. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't pay attention to the sound of the door closing. He always comes like that, without making any noise, like a thief. I closed my eyes pretending to sleep... He took off his clothes and lay next to me, pressing his body behind my back and his hand on my waist he hugged me tightly from behind I didn't stop him nor did I open my eyes. "I know you are not sleeping, little angel" he comes near my face and whispers in my ear. I can feel his warm breath near my neck and a shiver ran throw my body. " So, you looked so happy tonight dancing with that bastard while I was sitting there, desperate for your attention... Do you even know how much it hurts? " he whispers harshly while grabbing my waist tightly and shoving his body more against me. I can feel his muscular body behind my back touching every inch of my body. My breath quickened and my whole body turned hot... " Tell me, little sis... Did you do it purposely to provoke me, so that I can punish you? That's what you want, isn't it...?" What... How..how did he know... Why is he behaving like that... I open my eyes and turned around to face him. He is staring at me the way he never did before...His eyes are teary and red... Was he crying... Or drunk? He sees my confused reaction and smirk. " How did I know?" he asked while smirking I didn't reply to anything... I don't even know what to say... " I read it in your diary...all of it... I never thought an angel like you can have that dirty mind...You want me to tie you up and fuck you senseless...bend you on the table and take you on your knees, in your classroom even in front of everyone..." He said and pull my body more towards him. Our face is now inches apart and I can feel his heavy breathing. His hard boner is pressed against my inner thighs and a shiver ran through my body. When did he read my diary... I never expected him to read it fuck I never expected to hear those things from his mouth... ••••••••••• ( WARNING ⚠️: If you don't like age-gap, forbidden love, 18+ BDSM content, and strong explicit language then this story is not for you...Read at your own risk.) ( if suicidal thoughts, depression, torture, and brutal killing makes you uncomfortable then don't read this story) ⚠️