A Doctor For a Mate
By: Juana Makan
Narrated By: Nicky
06hrs 25mins 40 episodes Completed
Winona is a headstrong woman. She secured her position as an alpha after challenging her own father. Her childhood was never easy. She has been treated like a normal werewolf by a tyrant father. She witnessed him abused his mate, her mother, since she could remember. At a young age, she detests the time when she will meet her mate. For her, a mate will hinder her to attain what she wants most. The alpha title. She and Uno met at a very unpredictable occasion. Uno is a werewolf unknown of her own origin. She was brought up in a human population by human parents. She has no knowledge of her own heritage. An in-denial alpha and a lost werewolf questioning her sexual identity, is rejection coming or would they embrace the fate that the moon goddess has made for them? What could happen between a headstrong woman and a woman at loss of her own birthright?