The Headmaster Alpha's Mate
By: JN
Narrated By: Kaden Catalina
33hrs 45mins 137 episodes Completed
Chloe Hancock is a teenager, often though of as weird, or a bad girl. After a brief encounter with a mysterious man in a shopping centre, she develops an instant intense attraction, her thoughts and dreams filled with his image. Not long after Chole finds her world turned upside down. Sent to a private boarding school, to help with her discipline issues, Chloe soon realises things are not what they seem at the "Crescent Moon Academy" , especially when she is sent to the Headmaster, who is none other than the mysterious man she encountered in the shopping centre, and he seems to be more than a little interested in her. Making friends with another human girl, Chole uncovers a world she never believed existed where Werewolves are real, and her life will never be the same again.