Betrayed By Everyone, Loved by Four.
By: Kj
Narrated By: Lizzie Davis
20hrs 38mins 87 episodes Ongoing
Millie is an 18 year old normal girl in her senior year of high school. The year before was the worst year of her life. First her boyfriend dumps her after having sex with him, then she finds out that he and her best friend had been hooking up the whole time. What's worse is, her best friend Vaness was talking about her behind her back the whole time. After the break up Millie's best friend Vanessa told the whole school a bunch of lies about her. Now everyone hates her and bullies her on a daily basis. Millie thought that her senior year would be different but it was proving not to be. She was still being bullied since day one. Two weeks into the school year and everything changed for her. Four transfer students from New Mexico finally arrived, everyone has only been talking about them for two weeks straight. The new boys are long time friends who moved to California because of their parents. All of them are smoking hot, all of them are popular in their own way, and all of them want Millie. Will she choose one of them? None of them? All of them? Ready more to find out.