Out Of Control: My Mafia Bodyguard
By: Stu B
Narrated By: Celia Stone & Daniel Kuddy
19hrs 03mins 89 episodes Completed
He was sent to kill her, not to steal her heart. Domenic Mancini is not a bodyguard anyone desires. With a reputation for being heartless and cruel, he is a force to be reckoned with. Known for never failing a mission, he is now faced with a task that could seal Riya's destiny. Her fate lies in Domenic's hands, and the stakes have never been higher. A lot of action, suspense and thrillers to come and this book is going to be the SMOKIEST in the series. So read carefully if you can handle mature scenes. #Book 4 in The Mafia's Bride Series 18+ detailed sexually explicit content, B D S M, Forbidden, Mafia Billionaire Romance ‼️STANDALONE‼️