By: Yazmin Sanchez
Narrated By: Abbey Brown & Toby White
04hrs 00mins 37 episodes Completed
Alex Sage is the daughter of the most powerful alpha in the whole United States the Silver Blade Pack. She is known as the most beautiful screwed up woman in history. She is also known as the most dangerous person due to the fact that no alpha can command her to do anything including her father. what is worst is that she can command any alpha to do anything and they will do it. what makes this bad is that this girl is never one to follow rules. she is always unpredictable. Blaise Leviticus is an omega at the moonlight shadow pack and is always being bothered by mikal the packs slut. he often gets beaten by the future alpha Dylan because he thinks Blaise is after mikal who is being promised the future role of luna. Blaise never complains but he doesn't let mikal get away with her plan to have him in bed. What happens when Alex goes to the moonlight shadow pack to look for her mate? what happens when she crosses paths with Blaise and finds out that he is her mate? Will she reject him for being an Omega? or will it be the other way around? One second can change everything literally, follow Alex and Blaise as their lives completely change the second they lay eyes on each other. Authors note: I apologize for some of the language in this book, I wrote this years ago.