The Alpha's Wanted Queen(Sequel to The Alpha's Burning Flower)
By: Christine
Narrated By: Daisy
10hrs 12mins 61 episodes Completed
Sequel to The Alpha's Burning Flower. Need to read the first book to fully understand everything in this one! Annabella and Elijah King survived through pain and separation to get where they are now. But, even being together and in the strongest positions of power they can be, a major threat still looms over their head: war. A select group of vampires who disagree with Bella's rule have decided to gather an army to fight back. But fourteen years after her family is threatened, no one has made a move. Bella leads the vampire clan with ease and comfort as Queen while helping Eli to care for their pack as Alpha and Luna. Training at the clan and the pack continues at an increased pace in preparation for the impending war, no matter how long they have to wait. With their growing family, no amount of safety is too much. But what will happen when war finally hits? What will Bella and Eli do when their pups are threatened? Will the sacrifice of war be too much for them to handle?