Rejected, then Reborn
By: GladysQuarshie
Narrated By: Eli Sapphire
17hrs 15mins 92 episodes Completed
“I—Is she your fated mate?” Fear pooled in Lacy’s stomach as she asked this question, her heart already fearing the worst. ***** Five years ago, Lacy Reynolds stumbled into Werewolf Territory, and she has never looked back since. Why would she, when the Alpha of the Blue Valley pack was instantly love struck by her, just as she was by him? Theirs wasn’t a fated love, but they were completely determined to make it work nonetheless. Or at least she was. Four years! That’s how long her chosen mate had been cheating on her. Want to know the sad part? Everyone knew about it… everyone but her, that is. How could she have been so stupid… so naïve? Lacy knows what comes next. They will have her framed and she would be openly rejected, and then killed… but she wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction. ***** A tearful smile broke out on her face as she climbed the huge balcony railing, her arms stretched out wide as though she were about to dive into a new beginning… and perhaps, she was. ***** Lacy’s hope is that she be done with everything Werewolf in the afterlife, but for some reason, it seems that the Moon Goddess just wasn’t done with her yet. She meets King Alpha Reed Alderon Winchester in her second life, a man with his own demons. She will become his saving grace just as much as he will become her redemption. It won’t be easy, but one thing is certain. She. Will. Become. Luna. Queen. And then she will have her revenge…