Ruthless Alpha's Mate
By: Dragon1986
Narrated By: Rachel & Nate
11hrs 33mins 62 episodes Completed
 Jana is a strong female wolf lead character with the ability to see the future; will she be able to see where she truly belongs? BLURB Jana's parents used to abuse her because she was a girl rather than a boy, as her beta's father desired. Her predicament worsened when she did not transform into a normal wolf at the age of 16. She is humiliated in front of all pack members after waiting two years to meet her mate, Alpha Ashton Smith, who was recently appointed alpha of the packland she grew up in, making her life even more miserable and resulting in her parents kicking her out of sheer embarrassment. What will happen to her if she ventures into the ruthless alpha territory that everyone fears as she grows weaker? Would she be able to accept her new fate if, for the second time, she had become the ruthless Alpha Romano's mate, who had no mercy and considered having a mate a weakness? Will she be acknowledged as Luna or, like her prior Alpha mate, will she be rejected and cast out?